Pre-engineered Commercial Construction in Thunder Bay

Are you thinking of a pre-engineered building (PEB) for your commercial construction in Thunder Bay? If so, PerHol Construction is the perfect partner for your next project. Here at PerHol Construction, we are your local and surrounding area supplier of Butler Manufacturing® BlueScope Steel Pre-Engineered buildings. PEB projects are perfect for automotive dealerships, banks, movie theatres, shopping malls and more. A PEB offers many advantages, including:

  • Design: This type of building consists of formed standard sections and connections, which helps to reduce design time. With the help of computer analysis and design programs, we are able to optimize the material required for the build.
  • Cost: A PEB will typically cost less than its counterparts due to the savings in design, manufacturing and site erection stages.
  • Completion time: Because the connections for the components are standard, erection time is sped up significantly.

On this page, you’ll find examples of our PEB projects. To get started on your construction project, contact PerHol Construction today.

Riverside Place

Addition Building Area: 12,000 sq. ft. (1,115 sq. m.) Two Storey Office Space

Building Area: 10,880 sq. ft. + 12, 000 sq. ft. = 22,880 sq. ft. (2125.622 sq. m.)

Riverside Place is centrally located at the corner of Balmoral and William Street. This new Phase 2 addition consists of a 6,000 sq. ft. area (4,500 sq. ft. lease area) on each floor. The space is complete with an elevator and is designed to consist of separate entrances for the first and second floor. Ample staff and guest parking was allotted for each tenant rental space. There is also wonderful access to the main bike path near the river and this building immediately accessible to public transportation. This is another beautiful display of a Butler® Building by PerHol Construction.

Roof: TPO

Walls: Butler® Texturewall™ Panel

Vanderwees Greenhouses Inc.

Building Area: 15,600 sq. ft. (1450 sq. m.) Garden Centre (Butler®) with a 15,550 sq. ft. (1445 sq. m.) Greenhouse Attached.

Usage: This building was designed for a growing company. The owners began and followed along in every aspect of the design to ensure their gardening friends enjoyed their time while shopping. As stunning as the outside of this new Garden Centre is, the interior layout and design is definitely magical. The Christmas display is memorable year after year. The owners also had a painter come in and paint the back concrete block wall with a mural of their home town. A breathtaking site along with all the other spectacular sites are offered to the customers of Vanderwees. While you are shopping you can stop in at Tulips Cafe for a bite to eat or a nice cool drink on those hot summer days. Visit Vanderwees Home & Garden to learn more.

Roof: MR-24. WMP – 50. R28

Walls: Butler® Shadowall™ Panel

NorWest Arena - Thunder Bay, Ontario

Building Area: 2,700 sq. ft. (250.840 sq. m.) Two Storey Addition

Usage: This was a needed expansion of the arena. This addition has created a more functional viewing area on the main floor along with a large concession area and new gym. The basement area addition created four new dressing rooms a new referee room and also a retrofit to the existing dressing rooms to increase the size so that the players had more room. This main arena area was also upgraded and included heat for the fans seating area, which we know they are appreciating during every game.

Roof: MR-24. TLS-6. R-20

Walls: Butlerib® Wall Panel

Thunder Bay Truck Centre

Building Area: 8,000 sq. ft. (743.22 sq. m.)

Usage: The owners of this facility contacted us to demolish and rebuild their repair shop area after an extensive fire destroyed the back section of their building. The new shop area consists of several work bays to service the Peterbilt trucks, a staff lunch room on the main floor, a service counter area that is attached to the front of the building and also a mezzanine with a board room and a wonderful relaxing guest lounge for truckers waiting for repairs to shower and watch some television while their trucks are being fixed. We also gave the front office area a face lift so that the entire building would shine. This location offers all your transport needs in a new, clean and relaxing environment. The back shop also has some wonderful Peterbilt murals ... be sure to ask to see this while you are in.

Roof: MR-24. TLS-12. R-40

Walls: Butler® Thermawall™ Panel

GRK Fasteners - Office Addition

Usage: The owners of GRK Fasteners were looking to expand the front office area with a unique, eye-catching front, and that they have achieved. This stunning building is a great representation of how the company has expanded in the past and looks to the future in the design of their building and in their strong work ethic. The buildings most memorable feature is the bronze tinted glass on the front. To learn more, visit GRK Fasteners.

Roof: MR-24. WMP-50 facing. R20

Walls: Butler® Shadowall™

Napa Auto Parts - Dawson Road

Building Area: 9,600 sq. ft. (892 sq. m.)

Description: This was an interesting project from start to finish. Originally the site existed of an old residence. The site, to the naked eye, appears to gently slope towards Dawson Road, but once we surveyed the property, we came to discover the slope was not as gradual as it appeared. From back to front the property dropped 5 metres over a distance of 67 metres. This property was also under Site Plan Control, which challenged us to keep the run-off waters on the property. A drywell system was implemented in the site plan to maintain/dissipate the rainwater underground, the grade was lifted in the front of the property, and the building you see above was designed and constructed. The owners have been operating out of this location for five years now.

Roof: MR-24

Walls: Shadowall™

North American Kiln - Thunder Bay, Ontario

Building Area: 7500 sq. ft. (696.77 sq. m.)

Usage: Kiln repair, miscellaneous metals, stairs, catwalks, and other industrial repair work

Roof: MR-24

Walls: Shadowall™ with brick; WMP-50 facing on R20

Fort William First Nation Arena

Building Area: 28,400 sq. ft. (2638.5sq m)

Usage: The existing arena on this property was being shared between the Thunder Bay Bear Cats and the Thunder Bay AAA Kings Association along with rentals of ice time. It was decided a second rink was required to accommodate the very busy ice times of the existing arena. A new practice rink was designed, with the Kings private dressing rooms and 4 change rooms for visiting teams and rentals. The two arenas now accommodate the high demand for ice times and have been connected with passages for the Kings to access the game arena from their dressing rooms on the original ice. A passage was also constructed so the Zamboni can travel between the two ice surfaces.

Roof: MR-24

Walls: Shadowall™

Mitsubishi Motors

Usage: The owner came to us to construct a brand new pre-engineered car dealership in a high traffic area. The owners wanted to ensure it was an eye catching building. By the photo, you can see that it is definitely a beautiful building and the owners are very pleased with their new home. To learn more, visit Thunder Bay Mitsubishi.

Fort William First Nation Daycare

Building Area: 20,000 sq. ft. (1858.06 sq. m.)

Usage: This facility was designed for the Fort William First Nations to use as a daycare facility. Originally constructed as a daycare facility, this building is now used as a community centre for the local education, employment training programs, mountain bingo, and a full service banquet and conference centre.

Roof: MR-24

Walls: Shadowall™ and Revered Shadowall™ accent panel with WMP-50 R20.

Goldcorp Mines - Red Lake, Ontario

Usage: This contract was to construct a new water treatment plant for Goldcorp mines in Red Lake. Red Lake Gold Mine is located in the Canadian Shield of Northwestern Ontario, 180 km North of Dryden, ON. This project took us through the warm fall and into the chilling months of winter. The average temperature in Red Lake during the winter is -30 C with wind-chill factors colder. Being from the North, our workers are used to battling the temperatures to get the job done. Security was another important factor for this project. Security at the Gold Mine is high and all workers on site were to check in in the morning and sign out at the end of the day. All workers required a full security check prior to being allowed on site.

Roof: MR-24 WMP-50

Walls: Shadowall™

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