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At PerHol Construction, we offer experienced design-build programs for construction projects of all sizes. As the design-build construction contractor in Thunder Bay, we oversee the entire project ensure everyone involved works together as a team. That means the project owner deals directly with a single contractor, instead of several, making communication errors and delays less-frequent. Typically, the design-build process includes four phases:


  • Design and pricing

  • Construction drawings

  • Competitive bidding

  • Contract agreement

Why Choose Design-Build from PerHol Construction

As one of the most cost effective methods, the design-build process means a more team-oriented approach to each and every project. Here at PerHol Construction, we’ve been utilizing this approach for years and have providing many clients with projects completed on time and on budget. Among the benefits of the design-build process includes:

  • Deadlines: With better communication and less delays, we are able to stay on-track for project completion.
  • Improved processes: We’ve used the design-build process for many years, meaning we’ve been able to refine techniques. Problems like bidding and conflicts between contractors have been eliminated, improving the building process by 25 percent in some cases.
  • Better relationships: This process eliminates finger pointing between the contractor and the designer, which creates a better working environment.
  • Specialized services: Need something special included in your project, like feasibility studies or cost analysis, the design-build process allows for more flexibility.


Design-bid-build, typically seen as the more traditional process for construction, is also offered here at PerHol Construction. In this method, the agency or owner will contract with separate entities for the design and construction phases of a project. The three main phases of this method are design, bidding (or tender) and construction. Just like with the design-build method, there are advantages to this process, which include:

  • Best interest: The design team is impartial and will look out for the interest of the owner
  • Quality: Because the design team prepares the documents that the contractors place bids on, there is more of a focus on quality.
  • Fairness: Potential bidders all have a chance to get the project and it improves decision making by the owner because of the wide range of option.
  • Competition: Because it’s a competitive bidding process, it improves the quality and efficiency for the owners.

Project Management Services

At PerHol Construction, we also offer project management services. With nearly 20 years of experience in the construction industry, we have amassed a wide range of skills and abilities making our team a perfect fit to manage projects. Typically, the role of construction project management involves the planning, coordination and control over many tasks involved in the project. Among the responsibilities of a construction manager include:

  • Project planning
  • Managing costs 
  • Time management
  • Quality management
  • Administering contracts
  • Safety management
  • And more

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